Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Whats been going on?

Been pretty busy and got behind on my blog entries. I've been shooting WVU Basketball games and some local basketball and wrestling leagues and we made a last minute decision to go to PMA in Las Vegas to look at all the new goodies. (PMA is the biggest photography trade show in North America....all the new cameras and lab equipment are announced at this show.)
We were looking at the new lab equipment and picture framing stuff to expand our framing department.

While exploring Vegas I ran across the gallery of one of my favorite nature photographers, Peter Lik and they were doing a charity event with another artist that featured some fantastic boxing art work and 'Gentleman" Gerry Cooney and Ernie "The Black Destroyer" Shavers were making an appearance. In case you don't know they are heavyweight boxing icons from the past. I lucked out and had my picture taken with them. They are both really friendly guys and very big dudes and look like they could still kick some butt.

We took a little side trip out to Death Valley and got a few decents shots but I made a huge mistake by leaving early and not waiting long enough for the sunset and missed some spectacular evening light that would have made some great images. Oh well, next time I'll bring some snacks so I won't be tempted to leave early.

Whats next? I'm speaking at the Professional Photographers of West Virginia spring convention being held at Lakeview in Morgantown next week so I've been working on my program and I'm the print chairman this year and have alot of responsibility for the operation of the print competition. If you are a professional photographer you really should try to attend. We have several great speakers (not me) that will be in attendance. Check it out at