Saturday, September 27, 2008

Forest Festival Begins Again

Been real busy lately. Lots of Seniors, lots of football and soccer kids. Last weekend we attended the PPWV fall convention in Princeton, West Virginia. I was one of the judges in the print competition, we had a great turnout.

Wow, I don't know where the times goes but its time for the Forest Festival to get started. In just the last few days the leaves have been changing quickly and the air just feels like fall. It will be a hectic week as usual. My job is to pretty much go to every event and document with photographs what went on. Its a great job this week when all I get to do is shoot but next week we will pay by spending days organizing and preparing the photo's for the albums.

Here are some shots from tonights Eddie Money concert. The blonde singer is Eddie's daughter Jesse, very talented.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steelers win regular season opener against Texans

Its time to play football and the Steelers are starting out on the right foot.

Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger gives some advice to his new backup QB and former Marshall star Byron Leftwich.

Former Mountaineer Steve Slaton makes his regular season pro debut playing for the Houston Texans. Its weird to see him in number 20 after being number 10 for WVU for so long. He played alot for a rookie but the big guys in the pros didn't give him much of a chance to take off down the field like he did at WVU.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to Maine

Just got back from a mini-vacation to Acadia National Park in Maine. What a beautiful place, or as the locals would say "It's wicked gawjus".

Everywhere you look is another scene out of a travel guide. I really want to go back when I have more time to explore. I really wish I could have made the trip in about 30 more days to catch the foliage. The coast was still very green but on I-95 between Bangor and Augusta you can already see the change beginning.

Above is a shot of the Somesville Bridge, this is the WV equivalent of the Glade Creek Mill. All photographers are required by law to photograph it. I would love to shoot a bridal session on this bridge!