Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Wow, It looks like I missed the blogging month of March!
March is usually not a hugely busy month but this one was. Maybe it was because Easter was early. We had some extra basketball leagues this year and the seniors have been coming out with the spring weather. Its been mostly guys lately that have been busy with sports all year.

This weekend was wedding weekend, Christie and I both had separate weddings. It was the girls against the guys. Christie and Casey (our newest employee and graphics designer) shot the wedding of Katrina Mullenex and Lee Groves in Elkins while my son Greg and I shot the wedding of Jasper Carpenter and Michelle Tippett in Buckhannon. I haven't seen Christies images yet but Greg and I got some great shots. Christie loves weddings and does the bulk of our wedding photography but this year everyone seems to be getting married on the same weekends so we are shooting in separate teams several times this year.

Here is a shot of Michelle and her sister/Maid of Honor. I won't tell anyone that her sister actually lost/misplaced the grooms ring. It was later found and presented to the groom in the receiving line. This is the kind of thing that makes a wedding special for the couple and they will be able to laugh about it together for year to come.

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