Sunday, February 15, 2009

PPWV Spring Convention 2009

"Can I Come In"

Busy Weekend! The PPWV Spring Convention held in Morgantown at Lakeview Resort was a big success. Lots of learning and lots of socializing. Tom Gilson put together a great lineup of speakers. It looks like I get the honor of putting together the 2010 convention. I've already started making plans and we should have a firm date and location soon. If you are interested in Speaking, Judging, exhibiting or helping let me know.

In the print competition I took home four blue ribbons along with the Phillips-Rittenhouse best news photo award and I took second place for Black & White portrait (see "Can I Come In" above") I made this image a while back for the Old Brick Playhouse here in Elkins. The model is Dub Campbell, super nice guy but this shot makes him look pretty menacing.

Christie was elected to the position of PPWV Secretary/Treasurer and I was elected to Vice-President at the General Membership meeting. Its going to be a busy year!

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